All Yours

Jackoff porn became your obsession the day you met me. I know my love of everything masculine and dominant is what gets your cock nice and hard. I watch as you watch me undress and I love how you make me walk around naked whenever you are home. I love being your little submissive bitch. I come running every time you call, and sometimes you just want me to stand in front of you and bend over so you can see my tight little ass and pussy that belongs to you.

jackoff porn stephanie
I feel like your toy, a little plaything that you keep around just so that you know I belong to you. I am allowed to wear high heels while making your dinner and sucking your cock. I feel so pretty in them as I service you and you always stroke my long hair and tell me what a darling little submissive whore I have become. I love wrapping my lips around your cock as you cum down my throat. It feels like you’re feeding me everything I need.

I made an extra special dinner tonight, and I plan on being under the table as you eat and drink your meal. I will be naked and on all fours, where I belong, and suck your dick while you fill your tummy. I love to satisfy every part of you, and I will do anything and everything you tell me to.

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