After school snack with mommy Daphne

Dirty mommy phone sex


Mommy love’s sweet little one’s just like you. She love’s taking care of her sweet angle boy when he gets home! Mommies like me are the best mommies. Little angels like you are so lucky to have a mommy like me! Once you walk through that door from a long day at school, mommy want you to drop that heavy back pack and come have nakie snuggles with momma! She knows how much you love peanut butter… Look at mommies big nipples covered in peanut butter! Lay here and nurse on momma. That’s right my sweet baby, suck on mommies titties like you used too. You are going to suck it all off and have your after school snack just like you used to suck mommies nipples everyday when you were new to this world. Mommy knew then when you were so tiny that you would make her cum every single day of her life! You are the best momma’s boy!

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