Adult phone chat with my big belly

Adult phone chatAdult phone chat is perfect for me right now while I have this big ole’ swollen belly of mine. I swear to god this little whore inside of me is kicking around, tossing, turning and trying to push through my tender womb every fuckin day as much as she can! She is a little firecracker and it tickles my insides when she does her twists and turns while tumbling around inside of her water sack. I must say though, the more she attempts to push through my belly, the hornier I become! I seriously love the way it feels and she pushes on my bladder too which is super sensitive so it heightens the sensation my preggo vagina feels even more! Thankfully I already have an army of little ones who are more than willing to play with me and get super fucking nasty. It feels so good to be so damn dirty. I really am a naughty Mommy! I’ve been training them since day one to be nasty little whores for anyone and everyone. They’re submissive and discreet which is perfect. All of them lost their virginities a long time ago and if they were to ever get pregnant we would literally have no clue who the father is! I sure do love watching jackoff porn while masturbating and talking about all the filthy things I love to do to my youngsters!

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