Adult Phone Chat with Monika

Adult Phone Chat

Adult Phone Chat needs a sexy story. 

I know your nasty fetish. 

I know you want me to make fun of your worthless tiny cock! 

You are going to pay me so you can watch me take cock!

I love sucking cock and taking two at a time. 

The more cum I am covered in the better! 

Jackoff porn

I’m a kinky girl and I want to measure how big your cock is with another cock! 

I’ll make fun of how small your cock is. 

If you have a tiny load you will hear about it. 

I’ll even take your load in my mouth and spit it into your worthless fucking mouth. 

I don’t want your tiny worthless cock. 

I want to take big cocks. 

But you can pay me to take your tiny cock. 

Maybe I will feel it in my tight ass, maybe your cock is so small. 

If it is too small I’ll make you take the two big cocks I sucked and emptied all over my face. 

You will be my bitch and you fucking paid for it!!! 

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