Adult Phone Chat with Mommy

adult phone chatAdult phone chat mommies love helping you explore your incest fantasies. I have a great life. I have a family of sons and daughters I play with and a boy toy husband who loves to call me mommy when we fuck. I wish all moms were like me, but when they aren’t, I am here as a surrogate mommy. I have been playing mommy to my oldest son’s best friend lately. He is a grown man with mom fantasies. Sound like you? I fooled around with him when he was a teen boy and he has come back for more. I helped him with some things that might help facilitate the real thing between him and his mom. He came by last night to let me know my suggestions worked. After 30 some years, he has finally fucked his mother. Sometimes, if mommy won’t fuck you when you are little, she will fuck you when you are grown. I loved helping him. I shared my knowledge of what usually breaks a mommy. I love being a phone sex mommy therapist. Can I be one for you?

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