Adult phone chat with a worthless sub

Adult phone chat with a subby whore is what most men need. They want to have some bdsm fun and I am the one you need. I was raised to submit and have always been put in my place as a worthless whore. First I dress slutty and get on to entice men to use me. Once you walk through the door I hear you say “bitch greet me on your knees like a slave whore that you are”. Then I drop to my knees like my life depends on it. “Yes sir, anything you demand of me” I respond obediently.

After that you slap my face, “remember you are my worthless slave and i want you on your knees unless instructed otherwise”. Then you sit down and signal for me to come to your side. Making sure to show how I have submitted, I crawl to your feet. “You learn quickly, don’t you slave?’ you ask me while petting me like a dogwhore. “Open your mouth whore” you say as your fingers open my mouth wide. “Don’t you move until i am done with you” you continue on as you tie my hands behind my back.

Adult Phone Chat

Then you pull your cock out and while shoving your cock in my mouth you start squeezing my neck. “Now submit to me and be my slutty fuck toy” since your cock is in my mouth i cant speak but i nod while looking into your eyes. The way you fuck my throat tells me you are a strong alpha male and if i get out of line you will punish me. Your cock is so far down my throat I feel the air leaving my body, but you fill my throat up with your semen before I pass out. Then I wake up to you paddling my ass so hard it is swollen and red.

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