Adult Phone Chat with a Voluptuous Vixen

Adult Phone Chat     Adult phone chat with a Sexy BBW makes you hot! A true lady never gives her age or her weight! Who said I was a lady?  I am that slut you won’t admit to fucking! Some women are ashamed of their weight but I am not! I am thicker than most and proud of it! These love handles are perfect to hold on too! Men love me because I am comfortable in my body and with my sexuality! I will show off my tits for everyone to see! I think I make a great fuck because I know what men want! I know all kinds of tricks for that cock to rise! I once went to a baseball game and they were singing the National Anthem! I had this dude’s cock raised higher than the flag! That’s just me being a horny slut that just loves to please a man!
     Maybe I can have you between my tits squeezing the head of that shaft! You can lick this thick luscious pussy until you can’t take it anymore! The heat outside makes a big girl all hot and sweaty! Come on over play mate and lick the sweat off! I know you thought about it! I once had a caller who wanted to lick the sweat from the crack of my ass! He literally was panting on the phone trying to get all of the sweat drops off of my bootie! It felt so damn good we both were cumming!
       Most skinny bitches might be scared to do the extreme! Not me! I will take it to max over drive and beyond! I turn fucking into a real freak show! If you are looking for someone real, not the puffed up model type then I am the whore for you! I keep it 100 percent real all the time!

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