Adult Phone Chat with a Sexy Little Teen Switch

adult phone chat teen sexAdult phone chat can be sweet or naughty with me. I am a sexy switch. I’m always catching daddy off guard. When I was little, I was always his subby little girl. I took care of his every need. Daddy had a lot of needs too. Every morning and every night, when he got home from work and often in the middle of the night. I had to suck his dick all the time. I didn’t like it at first because my mouth was so tiny and his dick so big. But as I got older, my fuck holes got better at accommodating his fat fuck stick.

By the time I was a sexy Lolita, I realized I had all the power. Power of the pussy. I started threatening daddy. Forced him to lick my hot pussy and ass or move to the cell block. Daddy would have looked horrible in orange. He looked much better on his knees licking my hot asshole. Sometimes I even fucked daddy in the ass with the dildo he used on my tiny fuck holes as a wee girl. What goes around cums around, right?

Now that I am a coed, daddy and I still have special time. Just sometimes we age play like I am a sweet virginal school girl again with a baby girl pussy and pretty pink butthole. Then other times, I like to play bitch in charge of daddy’s ass. I was the BIC last night. I was dressed up in my old Catholic school girl uniform, but something came over me, and I flipped daddy over on his stomach and gave him some tough prison love. I pounded my pretty pink dick in his ass hard and without lube. He begged for mercy. But once I did that, I was wanting to be daddy’s little princess again. Maybe I am possessed? I go from sweet daughter to mean bitch in 30 seconds or less! You never know which Summer you will get.

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