Adult Phone Chat With A Strap

Adult phone chat is full of tiny men who need to be humiliated. Who better to put you in your place that an experienced hoe like myself? I have been around the block a time or two and I have no patience for your patheticness. None at all. So, listen here, you will please me, or you will be kicked to the curb. But not before I entice you in and eat you up like a piece of bubble gum and spit you back out. Then I will step on you. Funny thing is that you will enjoy it. You will start craving it. It will become an addiction. Your pain is my pleasure and soon it will be your pleasure too. A guilty vice eating away at you. No nice girls will be able to get you excited anymore. You want to hear the sound of my whip or the feel of my high heels as I press it against your cock. Tell me baby? Your tiny cock getting a little twitchy just thinking about that? Make a little pre-cum leak out. Of course, it does. Now you go and put on some pretty panties or get completely naked, doesn’t matter to me. Pick up that phone and you give me a call so we can make some hot jackoff porn together.

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