Adult Phone Chat with a Sex Slave

adult phone chatI am an adult phone chat whore. More times than not, men mistake me as a regular mature woman. The kind of woman they could date or who would be a good mom to their brats. I look like a soccer mom. I look like the MILF next door. I get it. Never judge a book by its cover though. The true me is a total submissive whore for you.  Nothing is off limits with me. I want a master not a lover. I was brought into this world to be a sex slave. Daddy used me first. My husband used me next. After that, I belonged to the dominant men of the world. I want to be owned. I want to be used. I want to worship men head to toe. I want to be dominated.  I prefer to wear a collar instead of jewelry. I want to be beaten, abused and force fucked. I belong in a cage not a pedestal. I want a master servant relationship based on ownership, control and pain. Hit me. Slap me. Torture me. Shame me. Fist me. Cut me. Strangle men. Suffocate me. Sodomize me. Piss on me. Do you get the picture? I am not your girlfriend. I am your whore. I am your submissive phone chat slut.

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