Adult Phone Chat with a Dirty Granny

adult phone chatAdult phone chat with a dirty granny will be the naughtiest phone sex you have ever had. You see, I am a far cry from your blue haired grandma that wore house robes and made cookies. I am a sexy granny. I have big tits and a voracious sexual appetite that few can keep up with. Luckily for me, I have a big family. I have three sons, three daughters, a brother in a different state, and 7 grand angels. Every one of them is down to fuck their dirty old grandma. When my grand angels come over to grandma’s house, it is to fuck and suck, not bake cookies. Now, they may eat my cookies and toss my salad, but that is as close to the kitchen that we get. We do make messes though. I always get a wet pussy anytime one of my grand angels goes down on me. What can I say? I am a dirty granny whore.

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