Adult phone chat turned so scary

adult phone chatAdult phone chat turned so scary for me the other day! It started out so normally, we were just talking about regular sexy stuff when all the sudden he told me my address. I had no idea how he could know that because I would never tell anyone where I lived but somehow he had tracked me to my house! I quickly hung up the phone and told my husband what he said but he didn’t seem concerned at all so I just went to bed. Well I woke up to rough hands grabbing me, throwing me down to the floor and ripping off my clothes. I somehow knew that it was my caller come to force me to do all kinds of terrible things and I was right! He had several friends with him and they all fucked me raw. They forced their cocks down my throat and in all my fuck holes, they used me for hours and then just left when they were down. It turns out that my husband had set me up, he gave him our address!

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