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When my bestie Evonne came over to my trailer it was like I was in trailer trash heaven. She always knows how to make this blonde slut happy! You know what that means right? Party Favors! The two of is were already bout to be way wasted, but we were going to be so high that even the sky couldn’t hold us down. Both of us were just token and laying back when we heard some coughing coming from the other room. “What the fucks was that,” she asked, coughing up a bunch of white smoke from deep in her lungs. I got up to check it out. My big naked tits bounced up and down. What would you know, it was a couple of Evonne’s little neighborhood sluts, with my bong and our week.

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I grabbed the bong and yanked it from her stupid slut fingers! “What the fuck?” I turned and looked at Evonne and she just busted out laughing. I could not hold my composure after that, I started crackin up and told the hoes to get out of the bathroom. Evonne and I decided they needed to be punished. We leaned back, out sexy naked bodies on top of each other and demanded the little fuck sluts eat our cunts! That not being enough Evonne and I put on strap-ons and fucked each one in the ass. Then we switched and made them suck the other’s ass juices from it. 

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Evonne and I could not stop laughing and giggling, but at that point we were really horny. Those little sluts were getting fucked but our cunts were not, and that was not good for anyone. We pulled out the double sided dildo and made those two get down on their knees and bump their ass holes against one another. They whimpered and wined as the large toy slid in and out of them. Then We took turns finishing off our own cunts with the strap-ons. To the sweet sounds of squealing little girls!

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