Adult Phone Chat Teen Is Wet

Adult Phone Chat

My pussy was soaking wet, so I emailed my favorite adult phone chat lover and he gave me a call. His sexy voice led me through such a fantasy I couldn’t help but cum several times. In our little fantasy we met up and he took some sexy photos of me to post on my site. But, he started putting his hands in the shot and helping me pose. Before I knew it his fingers were sliding in and out of my soaking wet teenage pussy and I was moaning. His camera was still clicking and flashing away, but I wasn’t thinking of it anymore.

Jackoff Porn

I was so completely turned on by the way his finger tips were drumming against my G spot it was insane. I was completely and totally at his mercy. Soon his tongue replaced his fingers as he drank up all that sweet nectar I’d made just for him. And then came his big fat cock. I was squirting so hard all over him, and screaming his name! I didn’t care who heard me! It took my neighbor banging on the door to bring me back down to planet Earth. And my cunt is still horny!


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