Adult Phone Chat Snuff Play

Adult Phone Chat
I love adult phone chat that ends in violence. If you’ve ever been curious about bondage, torture, bloody play then I’m the bitch to speak with. The name is Indigo and I’m the butcher they warned you about. Yes, the one prowling the streets and luring unsuspecting victims to their death. Don’t act surprised that I can separate your ligaments and make a fucking tanned leather hide from your skin. I’d rip you limb from limb with my teeth if I had the time.

The truth is that there’s a fine art to snuff play – know your stuff, know how to paint a photo with words. Check it out, huh?

I was down a dreary alley hours after sunset, dragging the limp body of my latest kill behind me. Blood bubbled from pale lips, a crimson slime trail painting the cobblestones behind us. I’d feast on them in that alley, my fangs growing sharp as my hunger piqued. After that kill, I had to quench my sluttier hunger. My cunt was dripping.

If you want to play, I love a hop descriptive cyber where I can slash you all around, or we can torment a little loli dolly together. And what do you think of that, beloved?
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