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Adult phone chat slutty girl! I’m always looking for a way to amp up my slutty factor. You know, a girl like me is pretty dangerous because I look angelic and sweet, but then I bite. I strike when you least expect it, and boy do I bite hard! I’m the kind of girl you will think you can trust. You may look at me, and you will be sure I’m not threatening Im only cute smarty pants. Well, darlings, you all have to worry. It is not the open slut you have to fear; it’s the one you hold near and dear to yourself. It is interesting to see how I can break relationships without barely even trying. Men think I am innocent and sweet as pie, but fuck, it is so fun to turn the tables on them. My friend thought her boyfriend and I could be together housesitting without her worrying. Well, I turned up the whore meter, and one situation led to the next, and before she even made it to the airport, he was fucking me and making me climax.



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