Adult Phone Chat Slut’s Are Nasty

adult phone chatAdult phone chat with a hot ass horny man always makes my pussy soaking wet. The other night I had a guy call who was all kinds of dominating. Secretly, I love to be forced. It was all about him. He wanted me to stick two dildos up my cunt. Demanding and instructing me all along the way. The thrill of being commanded into spreading my legs across the arms of my chair, the sound of the lube squirting on to the tips of them. Then the feel of pushing one deep inside of me, followed my stretching and moving the second one inside. The feeling of fullness and his ordering me to fuck myself was so damn hot. Then I could hear him jerking as I moved them. It was a fucking hot ass time, and I came all over the heads of both of the dildos. Then he had me pull them out and lick them clean. The taste of my cunt juices on them was so dirty and so hot that my pussy was begging to be played with the rest of the night. Some come on baby let’s have a jackoff porn type of night, shall we.

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