Adult Phone Chat Sluts

adult phone chatAdult phone chat sluts have the best naughty stories to share because we like to fuck. I had a hot encounter yesterday that could have gotten me arrested. I met this guy in the park. Handsome and young. Not too young but half my age easily. I love public fucking. I am an exhibitionist slut. So, I came on to the college guy. He thought I was a dirty hooker because when I positioned him, he asked me how much. I laughed. I told him I was just a horny woman who thought he was handsome. He got a big smile on his face like I had just made his day. I got on my knees in the park and unzipped his pants.  He had a decent sized cock, bigger than I had anticipated. I blew him in a grassy area off to the side of the main park area. We were secluded by trees and bushes but could have been caught and arrested for public indecency.  My mouth was so skilled that he popped off too soon. He thought I would tease him about being a 30 second man. I assured him that all men cum quickly in my mouth the first time. He was hard again in less than 5 minutes. I have green grass stains on my knees because he nailed me for 20 minutes in the tall grass. We never got caught, but we heard people talking and playing not far away. It would just take one fly ball or a wandering pup to get us busted. Luckily, that did not happen. I do not look good in orange. It felt good to hook up with a random stranger again.  It was a sign that life is finally getting back to normal for this mature sexy slut. I cannot wait.


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