Adult phone chat sissy trainer Remi

adult phone chat

I have a whole new class of sissy whores to train now, thanks to the ad I put out online. I posted it on a kinky adult phone chat site I found. I woke up today to a bunch of messages from wanna be sissy sluts, begging me to train them. I set up appointments with each of these sluts. I had them come over, one at a time and show me just how bad they want a spot in Miss Remi’s sissy slut academy. They were judged on how slutty they looked in their skin tight mini dresses and tiny skirts. They were also judged on how far they could take my big, hard fake cock in their slutty throats. Of course, I put my hand on their heads and helped guide them down on it. I love hearing sluts gag on a cock for the first time! I had each he-whore bend over and beg me to fuck their tight pussy hole with my fat, 12 inch strap-on. The ones that begged me to fuck them harder, got acceptance letters to my class. Only the sluttiest and prissiest whores make the cut to be in my classes!

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