Adult Phone Chat Sex With Harmony

Having the best adult phone chat can really turn me on! I know it does for you too baby that is exactly why I am here! I need to feel my fingers pleasuring myself knowing that you have your big cock in your hands and playing with yourself for me too! I have to share all of my dirtiest secrets with you and you have to do the same for me handsome! Now that we are here together let us play just you and I together and talk about all the slutty and naughty things that reall get your sack tight and my juices flowing!Adult Phone Chat

I love talking about all sorts of nasty things but my absolute favorite has to be when you and I make our way through the streets and the stores after you have bought me this sweet and sexy vibrator to wear around! We walk through the adult stores, have breakfast and lunch while you place with my cunt and the toy. You know I am just dripping and soaking wet for you. You keep making me cum over and over again in my pale pink panties I think it’s about time you take me home and clean them up!
I have to cum again and again on the car ride, nearly squirting the juices I have saved for you all over the seats in the car. You drag me in and have me bent over the dining room table and start lapping up my juices. I can’t help but let go of my moans and screams when you shove your fingers into me! The juices practically run off your fingers and my body convulses in orgasms. Now it’s my turn to suck of you cock with the pre cum just leaking out of you. I put my all into it and swallow every last drop!

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