Adult Phone Chat On Labor Day

Adult Phone Chat

I spent my Labor Day doing adult phone chat with some dirty and perverted men. Why would I work on a day to celebrate my Labor you ask? It’s because I am truly and completely married to my work. There’s something about listening to the breathlessness a man gets right before and after he cums. However, simple chatting wasn’t enough for me that day. I called up lover and invited him over to use as a prop. I wanted all the guys I was getting off to have a real experience, so I got my babe over. I’d be choking on his cock as they listened, taking his big thick dick up inside my little love holes.

Well all the adult phone chat perverts really loved this, and when my favorite client called and wanted an hour long riding session, I knew I could oblige. I put my phone down, and verbally described to him the way I peeled my tight little tank top up over my full tits and off my sexy body. I was ready and eager to lose myself on the cock of my lover, but I took my time as I bent over and peeled my soaking wet panties from my chubby ass. I danced my way up to my hot little babe who was lying back on my bed and stroking his cock for me. I climbed on top, making sure that my little adult phone chat call could hear me.

He was panting and moaning right along with me as I slid my lover’s throbbing cock inside my dripping little fuck hole. I started riding him hard and fast, letting my pervert dictate how fast and how hard I’d be Laboring this labor day. We spent an hour fucking, me and my lover. Even after the call was over, I couldn’t pull myself away from riding on his fuck stick. It was driving me closer and closer to orgasm, and when I finally came loud and proud I heard my little pervert cum too. My lover wasn’t close behind as his cock began to throb and he filled me up beyond all recognition. He had a good goddamn time in our little phone fuck threesome, and so the fuck did I.

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