Adult Phone Chat Mom

adult phone chat Adult phone chat has been keeping me busy since we all were told to stay home. Men suddenly had more time on their hands. And the guys who could get some privacy have been calling more often than in the past. Not complaining. Being busy on the phone helps keep me busy. Now, it does not keep me out of trouble because I love to do coke on calls. I do a white line, let my freak flag fly and wait for horny men to call me. When I am partying, I get nasty. I am a dirty mommy. I am a druggy whore. I am a slut wife. I am a naughty milf and I am a nasty freak. I did a 7 hour call last night. I did so much coke during our call, I could not sleep. I was too wired. I marched in my sons’ bedrooms, woke them up and took them to the basement to fuck. I was talking about all the young hairless boy cock I get on my call, that my pussy needed some. My boys have no school. It was not like they could not go back to sleep after draining their balls inside of my cunt. They did not complain at all. They pumped their hairless cocks in and out of my pussy and ass until they came. Then they marched back to their bedrooms and crashed. I still could not sleep, so I signed back on and partied with more perverted men.

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