Adult phone chat mistress Remi

adult phone chat

My, my what a pretty little slut you are! Mistress Remi, the adult phone chat trainer is ready to doll you up and dick you down! My big, glittery purple strap-on is all lubed up and ready to go. Forget about your frilly panties. It’s easier without them, for me to lift your short, skirt and slide this big fuck stick deep into your sweet, tight pussy hole! I love how those 6 inch high heels make your sexy ass look! I’m going to make you scream like a little bitch while I slam you and gape your asshole. Your mascara and hooker red lipstick is going to be smeared and running all over your slut face while you gag and slobber on my cock. Lick it clean! Don’t make a mess on that pretty dress I loaned you or I’m gonna turn you over to my brother and all of his friends. They would love to share a sissy slut like you. You just think I treated you like a whore, wait till you see what they planned for that sweet ass.


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