Adult Phone Chat Kelly

Adult Phone Chat KellyAdult phone chat now is here for you baby! I’m ready to tell you all of my sexy, naughty, and dirty secrets and then live out our hot fantasy together! My first story is about the time I was hunted by my lover in the woods! I love a good chase, it just makes my pussy so wet, to act as prey for my predator! To be hunted and stalked and chased, knowing what was to come. I wore one of my slutty but sweet and sexy outfits, something dark to blend in so I can make the chase last a little longer. We pulled up to the dark spot around one in the morning. He opened the car door wearing nothing but some shorts so it would be easier to attack! He told me to run so I giggled and ran. He gave me a minute before giving chase and followed the scent of my arousal through the thick trees. Too high to climb for me, all I could do was hide low as my legs grew weaker and my cunt became wetter. I heard his cock swinging and his feet stomping not far behind but soon he caught my scent and found me after the chase. He ravished me first with his hands and then with his mouth. He devoured me with his mouth and tongue. Tracing it along with my sensitive nipple down to my hard clit. I was already so wet for him, neither of us could contain our excitement as I heard his fingers deep in my cunt, and the sweet sounds they made. He forced himself on top of me as I screamed. His cock pushed deep without any words said. He pumped harder and harder, getting off to my moans and whimpers. He had me right where he wanted me. Do you?

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