Adult Phone Chat Is Hot With Evaline

Adult Phone ChatWhat is better than some late-night adult phone chat with a nasty little whore? Not much especially is that dirty slut is Evaline. I am a naughty little hoe who likes it rough and fast. Not much gets me more excited than a nice thick line, a big bowl and a shot glass and a full bottle of booze, a thick dildo and a phone call with you. I had a hot call the other night where we partied until the early hours, doing shots and getting high. Of course, that made us both really horny so then we began to play. I grabbed my vibrator and he grabbed the lube and as I started rubbing it on my clit he started jerking off. The sound of his voice as he got more and more excited made my pussy even wetter. We talked about what we would love to do to each other as we got really raunchy and finally orgasmed together. The orgasms that are big and explosive, you know the kind you hear when you listen to jackoff porn. So, baby let’s get off together.

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