Adult Phone Chat Humiliation

adult phone chat

If any of you losers with small dicks want some adult phone chat with me, it’s going to have to be a very humiliating call for you. You know I love big dicks and that nothing short of 8 inches will do! So the fact that you even dare call me is pretty ballsy. But don’t worry about it – I’ll take the call because I know that telling you what a fucking idiot you are is going to make me happy. I know that you will probably lie to me and tell me your cock isn’t as small as it really is, but no matter what you say, I’ll know.

You are probably used to being humiliated, right? I can’t be the first woman to tell you about how unfortunate your teeny weenie is. Sometimes you losers can be in denial, so if you’re having a hard time accepting how small you are and that you’ll never stick it in a woman ever again (if you even have), give me a call. I can’t wait to talk to you and put you in your place. Don’t worry – you’ll be allowed to talk a little bit too, but it’ll most likely be whimpers and tears.

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