Adult Phone Chat GFE

Adult Phone Chat
I love doing Adult Phone Chat GFE sessions because I really am a sweet little slut deep down in my bones. Nothing beats getting all dolled up in some very sexy lingerie with the intention to merely please your man. My sweet pussy is always dripping by the time I hit the bedroom when I get dressed up. Thigh high stockings with a sexy diamond garter, crotchless black lace panties and a hot corset to match. I know it turns you on, too! For me, I love to ride a hard cock when I’m dressed like this. I climb up, balance, and give him the show of his life. I always let my tits bounce for his pleasure while I milk his dick with my creamy cunt. I’m talking about getting on top and actually riding, not just a little hip swivel. We’re talking about picking my slim little hips up and slamming them back down so that my sopping wet cunt envelops his cock from tip to balls. I want to make him feel more pleasure than he’s ever had before. I want to remind him I care, and only burden him with my dripping pussy on his face.

Slutty Phone Sex

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