Adult Phone Chat Fun

adult phone chat

Would you like to have some adult phone chat fun with a slut like me? I am a cum addicted cock sucker who is in desperate need of playtime with a like-minded pervert. You’d think I had my fill because just last night I had some “friends” over for a raunchy gang bang and yet still here I am, horny as fuck and wanting more. My fuck holes are still so sore and I’ve been pumped up full of cum, but maybe just once more fix will do the trick. I’ll start by admiring your hard dick with my soft hands, exploring every inch of it and gauging what it is you like by studying your facial expressions based on where I touch and the amount of pressure i apply. Then I’ll work that cock into my salivating mouth so that I can get a taste of what’s to cum ;). I plan on spending a good amount of time sucking you off before the real fun begins. Don’t hesitate to bring some of your friends along if you’d like. my holes can handle it.

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