Adult phone chat for undercover shedick lover

Adult phone chat is a great place for me to find an undercover sissy bitch to drain my nut sack. My girly tits get excited when you suck on my lady balls. “Come on suck both my nuts” I ask you while grabbing your head. Therefore you suck my balls into your mouth and swirl your tongue on them. “Hum on my cock and let me feel your throat vibrating on my dick bitch”.

I say loudly. After a bit my ladycock started dripping some pre-nut. “Rub it on your lips and show me what you hide from”, “i know you hide the fact you love cock”. “You can hide from me whore” I say as I push you down. Put your legs in the air like a nasty slut. Seeing you with your legs spread open like a bitch brought the animal out of me and I started pounding you so hard I was giving you rub burns on your back but I didn’t care. “Tell me you cant hide that you love my lady dick any more” i demand you to do.

Adult phone chat

“I can’t hide it anymore, I love your cock and need it” you confess. Therefore I start pounding you even harder. While i fuck you hard your stiff dicky flops all over and i grasp it with my hand and strat jerking it off. Finally when my balls tighten up and you feel my ladydick start pumping semen in you you pause. Your eyes widen up and your dick starts spraying cum all over. So I point it towards your face and start coating you with your own nut. “I am glad you aren’t hiding it anymore, you need cock” I say smiling while pulling my cock out of your cum dripping man pussy.

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