adult phone chat for the job

adult phone chatAdult phone chat with my boss was able to get me promoted to the next level. I wanted nothing more than to be the lead assistant. I was ready to make more money and take on a role that will lead me to high powered men. Working for this lawyer had its perks. There were some downfalls, but I learned my trade here and was able to see first hand how much sissies are losers. I was able to dress him up and make his cock cream easily. I was his domme at the same time his submissive pet. I had to lure him in and get him weak, and finally, when I felt the need, I had to strike and take all the power from under him. It wasn’t such a hard task. Sissy boys are open books once you crack them. My boss wanted to live out his fantasies but wanted more so to protect their comfortable homes. I had no problem doing such things as long as he kept me paid and happy. I was one happy gal, and I was even blackmailing him enough to surrender a big pay up. I had him wear lace panties and also put a chasity device. If he said no, I would threaten to let his family know.

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