Adult Phone Chat for Sissies

adult phone chatYou want adult phone chat with me if you need sissy training. I am a bad ass sissy trainer, but I am not your mommy. I will not cuddle you. I will not wipe your dirty ass either. What I will do, is dominate you, dress you, shame you and peg your sissy ass. I have this one unruly sissy who thought she could bring out my nurturing side, but the joke was on her because I do not have one. She was a bad sissy. She pooped her panties thinking I would change them for her and be all motherly. She just pissed me off. I am not an ABDL mommy. I am a sissy trainer. I marched her dirty ass into the bathroom, hosed her off, gave her an enema, and hosed her off again. Then I spent the next several hours pegging her pathetic sissy ass with a big ass strap-on.  She was crying like a little bitch. I made her say I am not her mother but her sissy trainer like 1,000 times too. Her sissy hole was gaped open once I was done with her. Don’t feel sorry for her. She was a bad sissy and brought it all on herself. Sure, she must sit on a bag of frozen veggies today, but my guess is she learned her lesson.

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