Adult Phone Chat Dirty Girl

adult phone chat

Are you ready for some adult phone chat? I hope you know that I’m not like other girls that you might fuck. I’m the kind of slut that never conforms to what society says is right or wrong. I do what I want. Fuck what other people think. So, if you have taboo fantasies that old white church ladies would shun you for, then you’re my kind of man! I’m kind of in the mood to do lines of cock off your dick before I fuck you. We’ll both be nice and fucked up and the sex is going to feel like magic.

Speaking of those church ladies – it’s been a while since I made a cumsicle and gave it to them in their drinks. Do you want to be the one to provide me with a load to freeze? Maybe I’ll use it to make a pitcher of cider or something for their holiday church gathering. Ah, they will be celebrating the birth of Jesus while they drink your load. Won’t that be so fucking exciting? It’s making my cunt wet, so get that cock and filthy imagination ready and come play before I start without you!

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