Adult phone chat can be whatever you want

adult phone chatAdult phone chat is great because it can be anything you want, like when Tony called me today we talked about the hot fuck we had the other day. He came over to my place and pulled out his phone, he wanted to record every nasty thing we did. He started by pulling that cock out and letting me suck it till it was rock hard and so huge! He wanted to fuck my huge tits so I undressed and got ready and he slid that cock between my giant tits and pushed it up to my eagerly waiting mouth. He was recording the whole thing, every slurpy moment of it right up until he finally came all over my face and chest. It was definitely sexy but left me so fucking horny I thought I would die! He didn’t leave me hanging like that tho, he buried his face between my legs and ate my pussy until I squirted everywhere. Then we fucked for hours and hours and it was so good!

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