Adult Phone Chat Belle

Adult Phone Chat

This adult phone chat whore has a ton of new ideas on how to play! I love dark, twisted naughty fantasies to play all night long! Tonight I read a story about a stalker coming in and playing with his naughty play toy while she was asleep. The first thing he did was find her in nothing but her panties before tying her arms above her head and forcing her legs apart. He waited for all the movement to wake her up before she kicked and screamed but, he duct taped her mouth shut. Tears welled in her eyes but her pussy was giving into him. She was a bit different as fear turned her on. It made her pussy wet to think about a mask, crazed, psycho chasing her around and making her little cunt cum. She loved the idea of him making her scream after she begged him not to. His tongue danced over her pussy lips. flicking at her clit and tasting how wet she was for him. His cock grew hard, straining his jeans as he pushed two fingers into her dripping wet pussy. She screamed into the gag he place on her lips as his fingers pushed deeper into her and she could feel her tears begin to fall just as her pussy juices did right down his wrist. She couldn’t help but to buck her hips against his hand as he hit all of the sweet ports in her pussy, driving her so close to cumming. He ripped off her tape to hear her scream again! To hear her beg for him to stop. So, that he could hear her moan gods name as he made her cum all over his fingers. Her screams filled the room as he sucked on her clit again and let her cum all over his fingers!

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