Adult Phone Chat Acid Trip

Adult Phone Chat

It shouldn’t be a shock that a whore like me loves adult phone chat! I get myself all riled up the fun way! I lick a little lollipop laced with LSD and take a trip beyond the stars while you’re fucking me! I like to take a hard trip and sip some cheap booze to get me through while you use my body however it pleases you! I’ve got a sloppy wet cunt you can blow loads in to!


I promise I might think you’re some alien prince coming to abduct me, but that’s just the acid talking! I’m gonna love the way you dish that cock out to me. Fuck I might even think that’s my special lolli and give it a nice hard sucking. End goal? Get coated in your cream while flying fucking high, and squirt enough to soak the Sahara!

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