Adult Phone Chat

Adult Phone Chat

Adult phone chat is so much fun with a young girl isn’t it baby? I can be your dirty young girl for just what you need? What’s on your mind tonight? Maybe you need a sweet girl who is much better than your ugly and dumb wife. I am your cute neighbor, the girl next door. So, it would only make sense that we hang out, have dinners, and drink wine while she is away on her work trip. Tonight, I wear a little black dress that hugs my body so nicely. I wear soft jewelry to match and a black, lacy thong hiding underneath that I plan for you to see later. I flirt much harder tonight and drink an extra glass of wine before sitting way too close to you on the couch. You want to fight it but you want me more don’t you baby? I place my hand on your thigh, moving it softly up higher on your pants. I can clearly see you so hard for me through those jeans baby don’t you want my help relieving that big problem of yours? Can’t you just imagine how nice my pussy is going to feel compared to hers? I let my dress ride high up on my thighs and I place your hand on my soft skin. Take my dress off for me baby. I stand up in front of you, pulling you up with me. I feel you lift it up and above my head leaving me in just my panties, no bra tonight. I lean up and kiss your lips to move them with mine before I tug your jeans down to the floor and watch you step out of them. You can’t hold yourself back anymore before you pick me up and carry me to your room as I giggle on the way knowing what we were about to do.

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