Adult phone chat scared for my life

adult phone chat

I am sound asleep in my bed, dreaming of a sexy hot cock about to penetrate my cunt. I suddenly wake up to my floor making creaking noises as if someone is walking. I lean up and open my eyes, only to discover no one is there.

I lay back down and turn on my side, closing my eyes in hope to fall back asleep. I then start feeling chills run from my neck all the down to my toes. I feel warm breath on my ear. I feel scared to turn over or to open my eyes. I try to stay as still as possible and at the same time catch my breath.

My heart keeps skipping beats. A big hand starts running down the side of my body, groping every inch of me. I begin to tremble, scared of what follows his strokes. He runs his hands over my tits and down my tummy, in between my thighs, feeling my snatch. He feels my wetness and moans.

He flips me on my back and I start to thrash and scream. He put his hands over my mouth and tells me to shut the fuck up. I am a nasty little whore who is asking to get force fucked. He tells me to tell him I was asking for it, and that it is all my fault. He has a gun to my head.

He starts laughing as he plays Russian roulette with my life. I flinch each time he pulls the trigger. He gets a knife and starts to trace my ribs. He makes gouges and my blood just pours all around me. I feel like I am swimming in a pool of red. My mattress starts acting like an absorbent band aid.

He spreads my bloody pussy wide and starts pounding away at my cunt. He makes me beg for my life and I try so hard to fight back my tears. My cunt is throbbing and getting raw from his aggressive fucking.

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