A Whore’s Adult Phone Chat Addiction

Adult phone chatI’ve been addicted to adult phone chat since I was conforming to my innocent years. There is something absolutely so sexy about chatting with and masturbating with strange men. I love fulfilling their role play fantasies with them. I find it all so erotic, and it really gets my phone wet. No matter how hard I try, I just seem to be addicted to phone sex. Last night I had my seven inch thick black dildo pumping away in my pussy. I was drilling for water and I’ll be Goddamned if I didn’t find the geyser.

I’m a sexy, velvet voiced vixen on the phone, and I was chatting with some delicious Dom about jackoff porn when he started giving me the hottest masturbation instructions. I was working my wet little cunt like my life depended on it. All I knew was the pleasure he was ordering from me, the gushing from my pretty pussy as I squirted all over my living room floor, and his voice commanding me. I was his little pleasure puppet, and I can’t wait for him to ring me again.

Jackoff Porn


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