A Day At The Park

mommy phone sex lilly (2)We were trying to enjoy some one on one grown up time. Laying in my bed we sent them to play while we laid together kissing, fondling, licking, teasing, wanting to make the entire day count. But they wouldn’t leave us be. They kept running in and out of the room, bouncing up and down asking to go play at the park with their friends. Finally with wet pussies we reluctantly got up to give in. We drove them to the park and watched them start to play. That is when I told one of the other mothers that we had some important phone calls to make and would they watch the little ones while we sat in the car and took care of business. As soon as we got in the car we stripped down and began to bring each other to the place we so needed to be. I pulled her panties aside and took those sweet pink lips between mine and began sucking and nibbling on them just like she likes it…..urging her to fill my mouth with her milky goodness. I knew that she would soon return the favor!

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