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Mommy & Daughter Adult Phone Chat Sluts

adult phone chatAdult phone chat sluts have the kinkiest lives. My daughter Morgan and I do phone sex together because we enjoy sharing our kinky lives with callers. Now that Morgan is on the right side of barely legal, we can play together on the phone too. Plus, I can tell more people about my real relationship with my daughter. Once she was legal age, I didn’t really care as much what folks thought about us bumping and grinding pussies. Morgan and I enjoy sharing our incest sex stories and exploring your family fantasies. We are dirty girls, which is the best kind of girl to be. Yesterday morning we woke up horny. We have Mondays off, so we played in bed for a few hours. I don’t know about you, but I wake up horny, needing to fuck. My husband was never worth a damn in that department. Fucking Morgan is better than fucking her daddy. When I went down on my baby girl, her pussy was extra creamy. I asked her what she had been up to last night. She giggled, pushed my head back between her legs and moaned sweetly as I licked up her creampie. I buried my tongue in her juicy center so I could see how many licks it took til she popped. Not many. She has always been pretty weak when it comes to her mommy being between her legs.  She squirted on my face as my tongue was deep in her cunnie pot and my nose was on her clit. She sounds so sexy when she cums. She returned the favor, but I didn’t have anything extra in my puss. I peed a little in her mouth, however to make things dirtier. I also made her lick my hot ass. She got her tongue in my asshole like she was digging for gold. We made each other cum a few dozens times before we rolled out of bed. I love our lazy mornings together.

Jackoff Porn Sessions Are Hot

Ever wish you had a filthy minded P mommy to assist in your jackoff porn sessions? I love to watch porn, and love it even more to watch with my callers. I’m a dirty little whore indeed and will give you some hot fucking commentary to further assist!

Bukkake porns are so much fucking fun to watch with my guys. I love going on about the amount of cum that cock just splayed all over the pretty face of some porn slut, or go on about the stringy goey streams of spunk being emptied all over her face. I seriously get fucking turned on watching men explode their loads all over some chick.

SOme of my favorite porns to watch are the compilations of spunk. The BBC gangbangs are also a fucking favorite of mine and I love watching some tight cunt get gaped by big black dicks.

I find some real satisfaction in hearing how turned on you get as we share in the porn experience. I’m always willing to fire up pornhub or the likes and finding something super fucking hot to discuss in a sexy cock jerking good times sort of way. I would be lying if I said I never got into watching porn, fuck I get off to porn also!

My favorite for jilling off to are the milf porns with the busty older women seducing the young men, and especially the ones with the attractive laborer. You know the type the chick is undressing or getting dressed and the pool guy, or landscaper gets a glimpse and stands there rubbing his cock as he watches his naked or near naked employer.

The way these various porns get me going I do not wish to be interupted and there has been a time or two when I was so into taking care of my pussy that I could not be bothered for anything!

jackoff porn

Can you hold it?

Jackoff porn
It was his first time calling any phone chat numbers and he called mine! I was so excited for new boy toy; my pussy was so wet while I was taking his information I pulled my panties to the side as I processed his card and put an 8-inch colorful glass dildo in my tight wet pussy. His shaky voice clued me in on his fantasy. He wanted me to make him my bitch. So, I made him strip down and to wrap 3 rubber bands around his cock and balls. I started to fuck my pussy as I told him to start stroking his cock. Every time I heard him moan I made him snap a rubber band on his swollen rock hard cock. Making him whimper, but beg me for more. I told him to take his super swollen cock and put it in my pussy. Before I even got the word Pussy out of my mouth he came so hard he choked! I think he had a great first time, and I loved taking his virginity!

You are gonna love adult phone chat with me!

adult phone chatYou are going to love adult phone chat with me, want to know why? Because I am the nastiest pregnant whore you will ever meet! Why do you think I love adult phone chat so much? Honestly, I try to get off with my little ones and with all the men that come over here to fuck us but it is just never enough for me. I need to have plenty of adult phone chat with all of you horny men too or I will be one cranky momma! I don’t know if it’s the pregnancy hormones that make me like this or if I’m just an adult phone chat loving whore but either way it makes me always ready to masturbate with all of you! I lay here on my bed naked while I’m working because I want to be ready for any dirty fantasy you may have, plus if my little ones walk in here and see my juicy pussy all spread open, they always want to come right in, crawl between my legs and lick my pussy until I am squirting all over their sweet little faces. Lately tho, I have been teaching my girls how to fuck Mommy with a big strap on cock, they look so cute wearing it and when they push that big rubber dick inside me, it feels so fucking good! It’s truly a heavenly experience for me and a wonderful training opportunity for them too! I have taught them so much and it is all because of the phone work I do, you all give me such great ideas! My little ones are such great little lovers to me and I just know that they are going to be the best for you too because they will do absolutely anything I ask them to do!

Fuck this pussy boys

Adult Phone Chat

This my feeling I’m feeling is something I’ve never known! I can’t take my hands off my pussy. It burns and urns to be played with. I am so fucking horny I could scream! I called and started begging my dealer to come by with some dope and all the cocks that I can fuck to pay off my debt by fucking! He always came through for me and my tiny teen pussy. He loves fucking my tiny teen cunt with his big black cock! He loves seeing my pink pussy stretched open by his big black cock. He fucks me with his bare cock. Shoving his massive black cock in all of my holes, while his boy’s were working their cocks and getting high as fuck. I look back as I ride his cock to see all his boys with their cocks drooling wacked out of their minds and ready to pound my white girl pussy! I knew he would come through and hook a nasty slut up with lots of wanting and drooling cocks! That coke was out of this fucking world. I was going to fuck and suck all 10 of these niggas my dealer brought with him and I couldn’t wait anymore. My pussy was still craving for more!  I’m walking side to side today with a puffy pussy that is still dripping with cum. 

Jackoff porn

jackoff porn

I decided to go to work today since I needed more money for booze. I am such a nasty whore that I cant really work a part time job, so I put on my sexy outfit and decided to go see my friends at my “job”. Once I made it inside the strip club I was greeted by all these men asking me for a private dance and since I am really desperate for money I said yes to all of them. I took them into the private room and told them to sit back and relax as I began to take my top off exposing my nice tits. I rubbed them all up on there faces making sure they got the show they paid for. I took off my panties and tossed it at them making them watch as I fingered my wet cunt. For those old men that couldn’t see all that well I got on the chair, rested my leg on the persons leg and gave them a personal front seat to my pussy being fingered. I would started with just my clit at first and made my way down to my pussy working one finger at a time until I eventually had my whole hand inside. If the guy tipped me enough I would shove my ass in they’re face and make them eat my ass cheeks as I shook it like crazy all over. I am one nasty bitch. I love to entertain and put on a show, and I know how to make the perfect ending. I guess for all those fans of mine out there I bet they cant wait to fuck my whore holes that’s if they have enough money on drugs on them since I do like to have a lot of fun.

Come here sissy

Adult Phone Chat

He wanted me to train him. He wanted me to make him the BEST cocksucking sissy in town. That was going to be easy. I mean it’s not rocket science, it’s sucking a cock. After a few training sessions I could see how good he was a sucking a cock. I wasn’t impressed and just because he could suck a dick didn’t make him the BEST. He needed more training and I have the BEST idea! This week’s training session was going to be Different. It was time for him to learn how to take a big hard cock up his virgin asshole. You can’t be a REAL sissy if you can’t take a fat black cock or 4 in your ass and my sissy was just a wanna be.

Teen phone chat

 The door bell rang and he jumped in the air with excitement! When the first black guy walked in he smiled when the 4th one walked in my sissy was looking scared. I walked up to him and told him to turn around and bend over. I started rubbing his ass tell my black friends about my sissy. “He has a tight untouched asshole that needs to be trained. So boys I want you to run a train on my sissy and make his asshole gape!” They pulled their cocks out and started throat fucking my sissy as they stripped his black lace panties off. He tried to stop them, he even asked for more lube! I laughed when the biggest cock was rammed up his sissy asshole making him scream.. Well he would have screamed if his mouth wasn’t full of two big black cocks!! 

Greedy GFE!!

Adult Phone Chat

Being called a Sugar Baby makes my little bald pussy wet! I am young and full of cum! I want to share my pussy with someone who is going to take care of me! Iam always so busy keeping my body looking sick that I don’t have time to work! I go get my nails done twice a week. I get a body wrap every week and that alone is like 3 hours. I love to party so I’m out looking hot on the red carpet! Being in the public eye means I need those designer clothes! You can’t just stop at the top coat daddy. I need those sexy panties to boost me. Sliding those silk panties up my freshly waxed and tanned legs to my freshly waxed bald pussy feels so fucking good.

GFE sex

Makes me feel unstoppable. Wearing my skin tight dresses out knowing every man and woman on earth is checking me out. I know those men are slowly undressing me with their eyes. By the time I sit down in my brand new car, my silk panties are soaking wet! I love knowing I have teased every man I just walked past and didn’t give a damn about who was calling out to me. I have my Sugar Daddy waiting for this freshly waxed pussy to ride his big cock! I don’t need any one else! I am so excited on my way home I start rubbing my pussy as I drive home! I am so ready for his big cock in my tight little hole! 

Adult Phone Chat with a Sexy MILF

adult phone chatAdult phone chat takes on all kinds of forms depending on which phone slut you pick to call. When you talk with me, you should know that I am a family slut. I specialize in mommy sex. My personal life is not so different from many phone sex mommies. I am a single mom in her forties with a son and a daughter in college now. I hit my sexual peak in my late twenties and never un peaked so to speak. I had offspring in the house who were masturbating and full of sexual curiosity. My daughter, as well as my son. I discovered that they were not only masturbating, but they were fucking each other right under my nose. That did something to me. I was not mad. I was not concerned for their mental health. I was jealous that I was not a part of the family fucking.  I was the one with the urgent needs after all. Young boys and girls can always get fucked. A sexy MILF with a few brats at home, has a harder time.

I confronted them, but not in a judgmental way. I approached it from the perspective that it is normal to think about people under the same roof sexually. I asked if they ever thought about me that way. I was never so happy to have confronted my son and daughter. Of course they had, but they assumed I would think it was wrong. They didn’t know that growing up, my sister and I played doctor ALOT. Like we played doctor daily. I had my first threesome with my fuck trophies that day. It was the hottest sexual encounter of my  life. While I blew my son, my daughter ate my pussy. We have had sex almost daily since then. They are grown up now, in college, but never too old for mommy time. Neither are you.

I just couldn’t resist!

adult phone chatMy grandson came over and spent the whole weekend with me and we had so much fun together! I was a naughty granny though, once I put him in the bathtub and saw that little peepee I just had to play with it, I couldn’t resist it! I washed it with a soft cloth and rubbed him gently until his little dicky was rock hard and he was loving it. He was squirming and giggling and telling me how good it felt so I just had to take it even further. I got him all dried off and brought him into my bedroom so I could lay him on my bed and suck that dickie till he squirted! Mmmm those sweet little balls and cock felt so good in my mouth, my pussy was dripping wet and I needed some satisfaction! My sweet little grandson took care of me though, he kissed my pussy with his sweet little mouth until I came. It was so good that we made sure to do it every day that he was there… now I can’t wait until next weekend when he comes back!

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