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No Limits Adult Phone Chat

adult phone chat evonneBeing a sexy slut that loves adult phone chat doesn’t just mean that you are willing to do anything and everything from the kinkiest most perverted requests on up, but you have to like it too. A guy can tell if your into what your doing or not. There is no faking it when you claim to be an anal sex whore, riding that cock with big bouncing breasts while you scream for more. I love having no limits what so ever and being able to enjoy the pleasures of kinky, dirty, raunchy, phone chat with all the nasty guys out there. The more perverse you get the wetter my pussy gets and the harder you make me cum. I have been waiting for that one call that takes me over the edge to places I have never been. That one guy that will show me what dirty phone talk really is. The one that will blow my fucking mind and leave me breathless in a puddle of my own cum before making me lick it all up so he can work me over again. The one that will introduce me to the phone sex fetish that I have never heard before and will never share again with any one but him. I know he is out there somewhere just waiting to cum and fuck me like I have never been fucked before!  

Call me for adult phone chat

adult phone chatYou have been waiting to call me for adult phone chat, so you can finally release all your desires to an older, experienced woman like me. Am I right? I know I am. I have the experience and you are about to hear only a tiny slice of what I’ve done/what I am into. Now are you ready?! You are, I know it. So here is what I desire: one huge orgy. I’ve had countless amounts of sexual encounters in my life and the more the merrier is always true. Not a single man can lie to me about wanting to have at least one orgy, and what better way to pop that cherry than to have it with a woman who is completely obsessed about sex, and having all those big hard cocks surrounding her? That’s me, and you want to get into this shit, I promise you that. Just imagine my hot body covered in all of your cum, and it filling my mouth up every other minute another cock is ready to cum all over my face and make me swallow every little tiny drop of their cum. You will get off just seeing me like that on my hands and knees, my pussy dripping wet with excitement and begging all these men to fuck me and cum. See you are already getting hard right now reading this, and imagining this…am I right? So fuck me in all three of my holes, I love it all. My tight ass and pussy and my mouth is waiting for your rock hard cock. As many of your friends that can get to fuck me, I will take it! But the thing about these sex parties is they aren’t just your everyday get together, I always make sure there are plenty of young men that I like there. The ones with the fresh cock, the ones who get all their friends together from the football team to ram me after practice. They never say no; how could they possibly pass up the chance to fuck the shit out of a cougar like me? I’m fucking hot, and I know what I’m doing. Mmm, I’m super horny now… I need my fix…I need someone fresh.

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Adult Phone Chat with A Dirty Mommy

Adult Phone Chat MakennaI can’t wait till we have another adult phone chat. I have so much to tell you about my trip with the little ones. We all drove up state and had some hot times this weekend. Road trips are always fun when you have so much to do! My sweet little pussies just knew how to take care of each other in the back seat. Told them they better keep themselves occupied, and they sure did. My angels spent most of the day playing with each others pussies. Making themselves cum over and over. Which came in handy when we had to stop for gas, cause there were a few truckers that drove by us and noticed just how cute my little whores were! They even paid for our gas! Just needed to shove their cocks in those pretty little mouths and get them nice and milked.

Dirty Mommy Phone Sex MakennaTruck stop after truck stop, me and my cum dumpsters worked hard to keep our gas tank filled just as their sweet pussies were filled. Cum load after cum load, with each passing mile. Truck stop after truck stop, many hard and dirty truckers got a sweet turn with a young pussy. I loved watching the girls earn their keep! By the time we got to the third stop, there was a glory hole ready for some sweet sluts! Those truckers sure are generous with their cocks, and getting some blow was pretty easy too. Just needed a nice tight ass hole to shove their cocks into while mamma got high. It did not take us long to get to our destination and set up for the weekend of sight seeing. I can’t wait untill you call me and we can have some great dirty mommy phone sex, and then I can give you the rest of trip details!Sexy MILF Makenna

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