Working Sex Slave


Jackoff porn

Well, I would love to meet every need that you have. I sure hope I get this job that you are offering. Am I correct about this wonderful information, so you’re saying that I’ll get a chance to fulfill all of your sexual needs as well as your personal needs. I am so excited about that because I think that I’d be perfect as your personal sex toy. I will do anything to make you happy. You asked me to so; I’ll unbutton this blouse just like this you like that now. What do you want me to do, Master? Do you like when I call you, Master? I will do whatever you want me to so this little skirt is going to come right off of my ass just like you want. I’m sliding off these sexy little panties so that I can show you my beautiful wet pussy. I can handle anything that you throw my way, and I would love to satisfy you every single morning with a beautiful blowjob. Let me show you what I can do give me that big old fat cock; your cock tastes so fucking delicious. My love I can’t wait to lick your ass, I can’t wait to dig my tongue deep inside of your asshole and swirl it around. I’m just so excited I want you to suck on this cunt for me lick on this clit French kiss it. I can be your personal slave bitch, and I love that. You make me feel so free when you talk about enslaving my pussy. I love your sex toys all of those Contraptions that you have, to train me with. I am so fucking hot right now. I’m ready for anything that means I accept your job offer to be your personal slave cunt whore.

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