Using Mommy’s panties!

adult phone chat MeredithNot only do I have one son who likes to wear my panties, but two? Something has to give. They are leaving me none to wear! I thought surely the middle one was wearing them too. When I walked into his room I was surprised to find him with my panties, but he wasn’t wearing them, he was stroking his cock with them. He stopped in mid stroke, guilty at being caught. I tell him not to stop. Even though he licks and fucks my pussy and I have watched him take large men inside his mouth and ass, I have never watched him masturbate and I was fascinated watching him stroking himself. I ask him why he is using my panties. He tells me he loves how the satin feels on his cock. Pretty soon I am all worked up watching him work on himself and my hands wander into my panties, the ones I am wearing. We lay there side by side masturbating until we both come hard while looking into each others eyes. It was such a great feeling, bonding with my son over mutual masturbation. I guess I’m just gonna have to buy more panties to keep all three of us supplied!

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