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Adult Phone Chat Trashy MILF

Adult Phone Chat

Adult phone chat and drugs rule my life. Maybe that’s pathetic to you, but we all have our fucking addictions; some of us literally. I’m not a high class gal, I’m a trailer trash tramp who needs to do a bump off your cock, or I’ll go fucking crazy. I’m a Mommy of eight, and I’ve started teaching my older teen brats how to work the money for Mommy. I have a few younger rugrats too, for those Johns who have, shall we say, exotic tastes.
Don’t be ashamed, they’re my tastes too. Nothing gets me wetter than watching my gorgeous angels get railed and nailed like Christ to the Cross. Only, these are my cookie monsters, getting cocks stuffed in them. Well, nothing besides a fat fucking blunt!
Cheap isn’t always a bad thing baby. I’ll give you the jackoff porn of your dreams, and not think a thing of your disgustingly filthy fantasies. In fact, I’ll probably cum right along with you. I love a good storyteller, while I rub my juicy Mommy cunt and think about how high I can get while riding your thick fucking cock.

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