Submissive P-mommy Loves Nasty Adult Phone Chat

adult phone chat

There is no denying I am the taboo p-mommy of adult phone chat.  I love getting off with men who know how to handle a submissive milf like me. I have lots of big dildos and playthings like alligator nipple clamps and a paddle. Most men like to torture me for the things I do with my brats. I am made to confess my sins and then find specific things to torture my body with. Today I cried as I held the lighter to my nipples as I told my pervert that I sold my oldest into jack off porn when she was just a fuck tot. In fact, I sold her whole body to a truck driver and didn’t see her for many years until she came to find me and thank me for making her into the porn star she is today. Yes, she did torture me some but when my oldest daughter who has the biggest tits and curvy ass found out I was selling my youngins’ still at home, well it made her wet. She loves that we get more money from that little cunt and ass hole now than ever before. I mean men love that I dress them like a little street whore. My Son wears heels and thigh highs too. I never even thought there was a market for a bald cherub cock like his. I love using every one of those bald tight fuckholes they have to make this sub slut money for her party nights. I still get my abuse I crave, it helps with the guilt some. My pussy and ass hole are just what the doctor ordered when a man makes me hurt so good! I know all your nasty desires. I am the same way. SO why don’t you take this dirty mommy phone sex whore for a ride?

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