Sleepover Surprise

adult phone chat Caprice (1)I spent the night with my friend Stacy Saturday and had a lot more fun than I was expecting!  Her Daddy, Mr. Coffey picked us up from school and seemed super interested in our sleep over.  I thought he was just the coolest Dad ever!  He ordered us pizza and we even got to watch an R rated movie!!  I was a little bummed that Stacy fell asleep so fast.  I was super bored but Mr. Coffey quickly fixed that!  He let me have a wine cooler all to myself!  Boy those things must be strong because I was giggling uncontrollably in no time and barely able to walk.  Mr. Coffey was like a super hero!  He picked me up in his big strong arms and laid me down on his great big bed.  I’m so glad Mrs. Coffey wasn’t home because I don’t think she would have liked that very much!  Mr. Coffey told me I was so pretty and such a big girl now and had developed so nicely.  I was a little confused until he pointed at my perky little tits.  I giggled and lifted my shirt to show him and asked him if he liked my itty bitty titties?  He groaned and showed me a surprise of his own!  He was so hard and so big and encouraged me to touch it and even to taste it.  Before I knew it, all of my clothes were on the floor and I was riding his face like a horsey!  I just kept cumming and cumming and when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, Mr. Coffey said he had one more surprise for me.  He flipped me over on my back and spread my legs and started to slide that great big thing inside me!  I was so scared, I thought it would being so big but soon my little hips started bucking eagerly for more of Mr. Coffey’s great big pleasure stick!  He had to cover my mouth I was screaming so loudly but then he found a new way to hush me up.  He pulled his great big cock out of me and put it in my mouth and gave me ANOTHER surprise!  I have to keep this secret of course but I sure can’t wait to have another Sleepover again!

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