Potty Training

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When my sweet angel Belle was just a young thing we tried everything to potty train her. The only time she would piss on command is when there was a cock out for her to piss on. She is just like her mommy, we both love to be pissed on! That is how we bonded over the years. I knew as soon as I pushed her out of my cunt she would be a money maker. Just like her sisters I started her off getting pissed on right out of the womb.

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I started licking her cunt every time I changed her diaper. That was the first time Belle pissed in my mouth. I was cleaning her cunt and taking my time. She started to wiggle all around, wiggle and giggling then her body got tensed up and she let the river of piss flow into my mouth. I fucking loved drinking her yummy piss. My sweet Belle has always known how to make mommy happy! 

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