Ooops I was kinda naughty again!

teen phone chatOopsie, I was kinda naughty… again. See, I was babysitting for this guy that works at home, he said that it was real important to be quiet, that he couldn’t concentrate if we were noisy. So I was trying really hard to keep this little bitch super quiet but she fell down and scraped her knee and started totally bawling loud as fuck! I was freaking out, trying to get her to shut the fuck up when her daddy came out of his office. He was super pissed, the first thing he did was slap that little whore in the face so hard that he knocked her down on the floor. Then he grabbed her buy her hair and shoved his cock down her throat! I wasn’t expecting that but it really turned me on to see it and I think the daddy knew it.He bent me over and ripped off my panties, he said that he was gonna fuck me whether I wanted it or not but I was all like yes yes yes please fuck me!! Now he is gonna make me his permanent babysitter and this is one job I am gonna love!

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