On The Open Road

adult phone chat lillyI love the summer time when Michelle, Mikey and I can go riding down the highway in mommy’s pink mustang.
there is nothing like dressing slutty with the wind in your hair waiting to spot a target on the open road.
We never know what we are going to do until it happens.
Sometimes Michelle will lean over and suck my pussy behind the steering wheel while Mikey fingers her cunt from the back seat as we ride next to an eighteen wheeler giving the driver a show.
Sometimes Mikey will sit in the middle with a hand in Michelle’s pussy and a hand in mine while we both jerk his cock.
Other times Michelle will ride the gear shift for me while Mikey and I play.
You get the idea.
We can spend hours riding the highway, going no where in particular.
If we get REALLY lucky, a trucker will flag us down and have us follow him to the next truck stop where we have fun and make some gas money.

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