No School = All-Day Daddy/Daughter Fun!

sexy slut (4)

Daddy raised me right, he taught me to be a sexy little slut and I was so excited when school was canceled and I got to stay home with my Daddy! I was dying to have an all-day event focusing on Daddy and all the things he liked to do with his precious darling. One of his favorite things to do with me is play dress up. I know that Daddy loves all the clothes that I wear that tease him and drive him crazy. He loves my lil heels and my short skirts and shorts. I know that every time he sees me in those cute lil outfits his cock gets rock hard and now he gets to see me model some that he picked out especially for me. But we both know it is going to end with his daughter naked and his cock out hard and ready for me and his lil teen slut. Daddy can’t stop once he see’s my bald cunt shining, and me bent over showing my tight ass hole. He really can’t resist slamming his dick into both my holes and then my waiting mouth. I want make Daddy so proud with my horny slutty mouth so I suck the cum right out of his cock and let him fuck me over and over again as I beg him for more. Daddy doesn’t have any problem with this weather keeping me in from school, and me either because I would rather be learning how to suck Daddy’s cock JUST right!

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